Our Purpose

Develop Children's Life Skills Through Technology

Having literacies, such as mathematics and languages, is important in dealing with day-to-day tasks. However, to manage complex challenges, children need to acquire competencies such as problem-solving and communication skills. They also need to develop character qualities, such as tenacity and initiative, to thrive in a future that is ever changing.

holistic education

Both competencies and character qualities are life skills that are best developed through informal means—building projects, solving real-life challenges, and entering competitions—things that we emphasise in Chumbaka.

Ultimately, our goal is re-ignite children’s passion for learning. Why re-ignite? Because we are all born scientists—curious, eager to learn and explore. Somewhere along the way the passion for learning diminishes due to academic and social pressure. Through our program, we hope our children stay curious and help inspire others to become life-long learners.

Our Team

Educationists at Heart

Dr Chew Yen Seng Yen Seng worked in the paper packaging industry for 10 years before joining Chumbaka. He started as an Assistant QA Manager before moving on to the corporate office as a Strategic Planning Manager for a group of companies. He is a strong believer in hands-on informal education.

Dr. Chew Yen Seng

Principal Consultant

Eunice Ooi Eunice worked in the training and education industry for more than 10 years, leading various functions such as sales, marketing, and customer support. With her passion and values in children's education and development, she continues her career with Chumbaka as a Business Manager.

Eunice Ooi

Dip Mass Comm, KDU
Business Manager

Chong Zhi Xiong Zhi Xiong used to teach Mathematics and History at a low-performing secondary school in a high-need urban community under the Teach for Malaysia Fellowship program. Coming from an Engineering background, Zhi Xiong first introduced Coding and Programming to students at his school. He then founded Maker_Ed initiative in the school to promote the philosophy of learning by making.

Chong Zhi Xiong

MEng, Imperial College
Partner, Cyberjaya

Jennie Lee Jennie has worked in the semiconductor industry for more than 12 years before joining Chumbaka. Her wealth of experience include providing consultancy and IC design services to MNCs in Singapore, Malaysia, France, Sweden and United Kingdom. As a strong advocate of lifelong learning for the greater community, she has found passion in imparting life skills through technology.

Jennie Lee

Partner, Singapore

Rachel Khoo Rachel has been involved in children ministry for more than 8 years. In order to pursue her passion for children, she took Psychology back then and she did her internship at Two-Way Centre in Penang that specialises in the special needs children before stepping her foot into the corporate world. She started her career with DreamCatcher before joining Chumbaka to further pursue her passion in children.

Rachel Khoo

BSc, Lancaster University
Partner, Georgetown

Haslina Abdul Malek Haslina spent the last fifteen years in higher education and discovered her passion for community development and youth empowerment. She's led the successful running of a number of leadership programmes, established a leadership and entrepreneurship centre, spearheaded the STEM movement in secondary schools in Miri, and mentored student leaders. Now she hopes to take her learning experiences to new heights with her Sarawak-based social enterprise, All Aboard Young Leaders Centre. She understands future challenges for youths and children and is committed to empower young minds into changemakers of tomorrow.

Haslina Abdul Malek

BA, Murdoch University
Partner, Miri

Nigel Sim Nigel joined Teach for Malaysia in 2014, teaching English in a secondary school in Sekinchan. In his second year of teaching, he spearheaded the 21st Century Classroom Transformation Program in the school. He shared his experience with teachers in the school, officers in the district, as well as other education enthusaists at a Trust School conference. He was a Perdana Fellow to the Minister of Finance 2, and he did an internship with KPMG London.

Nigel Sim

MEng, Imperial College
Partner, Kuching

Jasmine Tea Having been exposed to the corporate and commercial business environment, Jasmine chose to follow her calling to be with children. She discovered that her passion lies in making a difference in the lives of children; believing in self-paced and self-discovery learning. She also completed a 2-year stint with Teach For Malaysia.

Jasmine Tea

BSc (Hons) Biotech, UTAR
Partner, Kota Kinabalu

Pauline Yong Pauline is an avid educationist who has strong passions in financial and investment education.

She was a lecturer specialising in Economics and Finance, teaching undergraduates at Taylor's College and Sunway College. She has also authored five popular books in financial education.

With the arrival of technology age and data time, and being technically savvy, she embraces the strong calling for promoting STEM education among young Malaysians. Being part of the Chumbaka team, she aspires to educate young minds to acquire technology literacy with a strong emphasis on all-important life skills such as leadership & teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

Pauline Yong

MBA, Univ of Leicester
Partner, Johor Bahru

Dr Xavier Chee Xavier spent seven years being trained as a chemist but later discovered that his interest lies in education. Currently working as a Chemistry teacher, he spends a good portion of his time making small explosions and causing mayhem in the lab with his students. He believes in creating a safe space for students to explore and for them to make mistakes as part of their learning journey.

Dr Xavier Chee

PhD, Univ of Cambridge
Partner, Sibu

Our Advisors

Passionate Engineers and Educators

Choo Wai Heng Wai Heng’s journey into engineering started when he was given a motor kit at 9 years old. To the dismay of his mother and later his wife, he spends the next few decades dismantling toys and appliances. He started his career in Andersen Consulting before joining Hewlett-Packard/Agilent to pursue his love for engineering. He left to start DreamCatcher, providing technical training to engineers and scientists; and courseware to universities worldwide. He also serves as a board member in Penang Science Cluster, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring children (and his own) lost passion to learn and stay curious. He was awarded TWAS Prize in Development of Scientific Educational Material (Asia Pacific) in 2015 for his work in developing Arduino courseware for children.

Choo Wai Heng

MD, DreamCatcher

Hor Poh Jin Dr Hor has spent more than 14 years in the electronic industry, working on electromechanical devices, data storage, and electronic instrumentations in various capacities as educator, researcher, and technical manager. Dr Hor is currently overseeing the design services portfolio.

Dr Hor Poh Jin

PhD, University of Sheffield
Director, DreamCatcher

Teoh Chin Soon A jack of all trades within the RF domain, Dr Teoh has been an Application Engineer, System Engineer, Project Manager, and RFIC Designer with Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, and Avago Technologies before venturing out in 2007 to start up DreamCore Technologies, the design services arm of DreamCatcher.

Dr Teoh Chin Soon

Director, DreamCore

Fabian Kung Prof Fabian has a keen interest in science and electronics since childhood. He has worked as a PCB design engineer and embedded system design engineer at Intel Technology and General Microsystem Sdn Bhd respectively prior to joining Multimedia University, where he is now a faculty member. He has many years of experience in digital and analogue circuit design.

Prof Fabian Kung

PhD, Multimedia University
Professor, MMU

Christina Lind-Hunter Chrissy has been working in education transformation for over 10 years. She started her teaching career on the Teach First leadership programme working in underprivileged schools before moving into school and system change activities in a variety of locations including the UK, Cambodia, South Sudan, UAE, and Malaysia. She is the former Associate Director for Teach for Malaysia designing their teacher-leadership development programme; she continues to work on projects including as an Education Mentor for GreenSmiths, a youth-led leadership programme aimed at growing young environmental change-makers in Malaysia.

Christina Lind-Hunter

MA, University of Warwick
Consultant, GreenSmiths

Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.

Peter F. Drucker