Outreach Program

Besides serving the community that we operate in, STEM-based outreach program forms an integral part of our own life-long learning. Our first outreach program for street kids in India has inspired us to start similar program within our community.

In What's Your X challenge and SAINS@X program, engineers and undergraduates were provided training and Arduino kits. They in turn mentored more than 10,000 children throughout Malaysia. In our efforts to reach students in rural areas, we drove our Maker Mobile to their schools and ran STEM-based workshops.

Today we continue to support GreenSmith, House of Hope, and Etania Schools with our programs.


Young Innovators Challenge started in 2013 with the objective of catalysing the maker movement in secondary schools. Students identify real-life problems within their community and prototype the solutions with open source platform. Winners are mentored by professionals in order to finetune their solutions for market adoption. Today more than 5,000 students from around the country participate in this annual program.

Junior Innovate, started in 2018, is a competition to inspire a digital creator mindset and life skills amongst primary school students in preparation for jobs of the future.

Science Fairs

As a committee member of the annual Penang International Science Fair, we lead in organising the workshops for the largest science fair in the country.In this event, more than 25,000 hands-on workshop seats are contributed by various technology companies in order to inspire children in STEM. We also participate in Kuala Lumpur Engineering and Science Fair (KLESF), and Kuching STEM Playground. We hope to see more of such events as they play an important role to ignite children’s curiosity in science and technology.


Interested to take your projects a step further? There are thousands of sites to explore for ideas. Below are some of our favourites to get you started.



Turn your smartphone into 40 different Arduino shields.


All about 3D printing.


Founded by Ladyada to create the best place for learning electronics and making the best designed products.

citizen engineer

Online video series and comic book about open source hardware, electronics, art, and hacking.

dangerous prototypes

A new open source hardware project every month.

diy drones

The largest community for amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

evil mad scientist

A resource for buddying evil mad scientists everywhere.

high-low tech

Integrates high and low technological materials, processes, and cultures.


A platform for people who like to hack things for the better.

hacked gadgets

Hacked gadgets DIY tech blog.


Explore, share, make.


They organise makerfaire.com. Great site for Arduino, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi...


A thriving design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things.


An open hardware facilitation company based in Shenzhen, China.


Online retail store for electronics projects. Also offers online tutorials of embedded electronics.

the tinkering studio

Experiments with science, art, technology, and delighful ideas.


heavens above

Helps people observe and track satellites orbiting the Earth.

steve spangler science

Huge libraries of hands-on science experiments and videos.


Make toys at home with common household materials.


Skeletons that are able to walk on the wind, and live their own lives.

toys from trash

Toys from trash.


A collection of science practicals and low-cost Teaching and Learning Materials.


Provides free interactive
math and science simulations.


Science toys and projects
that are cheap to make with clear instructions.


khan academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit with a mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

bbc science

Discover the world of science, take part in scientific tests and experiments, and find out the latest science news.

big history project

It's a universal, scientific origin story that is relevant to anyone and everyone.

cgp grey

Complex things explained.

minute physics

Cool physics and other sweet science.

sci show

Discusses science news and history and concepts.

v sauce

Mind-blowing facts and the best of the Internet.

asap science

Your weekly dose of fun and interesting science.