Arduino Projects with Scratch

Embedded System

Arduino is an embedded system that is the size of a credit card, which can interact with sensors, actuators, the Internet, and even your smartphone. There is a large community of enthusiasts who are willing to teach and share their useful projects. As a result, Arduino is the perfect platform for creatives, hobbyists, hackers, newbies, and anyone who wishes to create interactive electronics projects.

Code editors let you write programs that instruct a computer to perform tasks. Suitable for learning problem solving, logical reasoning, and creative thinking, Scratch is a graphical, drag and drop code editor where coding blocks snap together. Children are naturally excited about building things with building blocks, and Scratch taps into this excitement and makes coding fun.

Recommended Age

9 years and above

Program Duration

2 hours/week over 4 months


MYR 198.00 /month + Arduino Starter Set @ discounted price of MYR 169.00

What do you need to bring

Own laptop (Windows or Mac) with power supply and mouse.

Drinking water and light snack if required.

Program methodology

Students complete hands-on projects that introduce important concepts of coding (such as using loops, variables, and conditionals), teach embedded system (such as understanding digital and analogue I/Os, using sensors), and demonstrates electrical concepts (such as resistance, capacitance, and voltage divider).

Design thinking skills are infused into the learning of coding and embedded system. Students become fully engaged throughout the design thinking process where mentors and students collaborate in a design challenge to repurpose and transform existing toys into new, improved items.