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15 Dec 2017 at 11 Kallang Place, 339155 Singapore, Singapore

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mBot Robotics Workshop with Scratch 2.0


Coding has been identified as one of the basic skills for young people besides Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. It is not only for school children who are in technical stream, it is also important for non-technical stream as the use computers, embedded systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) will touch all walks of life.

Another important competency of students today is Maker s skill. It is the ability to build physical objects. Just working in the virtual world of coding is not sufficient and incomplete. The Maker’s skill enables the students to combine software, hardware, and artwork to invent.

mBot is a versatile robot for young kids to build, program, and enhance.  Its brain is based on an open platform Arduino processor board. 

Students program the mBot using mBlock, a user friendly graphical programming based on Scratch 2.0.

This workshop lets the students appreciate the ease of graphical programming, experience the behaviour of robot’s sensors, and program the robot to perform autonomous tasks. 

The workshop concludes with a fun balloon battle game.

Recommended Age

9 years and above

Program Duration

3 hours


SGD 65.00 (includes 7% GST, excludes the mBot) per participant.

The mBot is provided solely for practice during class. Students can purchase an mBot kit at a discounted price after the workshop. Click here for details on what is included in the mBot kit.

What do you need to bring

Please have your own breakfast before you come to the workshop.

Program methodology

Students will discover graphical programming, using blocks to program and control the mBot to perform autonomous tasks. They will also understand the concepts of sensors and to control the input and output (IO) of the Arduino embedded system.