Makeathon Arduino

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An Arduino is an embedded system the size of a credit card, which you can code and program it using the Arduino IDE. By itself, the Arduino has limited sensors; however, when you combine the Arduino with a smartphone, which runs mobile apps you create with App Inventor, this pairing results in a system that expands the features of the embedded system, such as enabling access to Wi-Fi connectivity and the built-in sensors on the smartphone.

This makeathon event provides a fun way to get students to create real-life solutions using embedded systems, mobile app programming, and electronic circuits within a short period of time. Students also learn how to link AI and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies with Arduino. This change in their conventional learning and working builds their confidence and encourages self-learning.

Recommended Age

12 years and above

Program Duration

3 days


MYR 396.00

What do you need to bring

Own laptop (Windows or Mac) with power supply and mouse

Drinking water & light snack if required

Program methodology

Students will complete their projects using App Inventor, Arduino IDE, and Arduino board. They will learn programming concepts (such as variables, operators, conditionals) and the embedded system (analogue and digital I/Os, sensors, actuators).

Using the Design Thinking methodology, students turn their ideas into prototypes that solve real-life challenges. The Makeathon concludes with the students pitching their ideas to their peers, obtaining valuable feedback and recognition for their efforts.